Concert Review: The Coathangers and The Audacity @ The Silver Dollar

The Coathangers
The Silver Dollar is an awkward venue, due to its layout. Great for smaller blues bands and bands that don’t require much movement from their audience, but for punk bands on a cold Monday night, it can inherently affect the experience, which is just what it did for punk bands The Audacity and The Coathangers.

The Audacity
I went to this show looking forward to The Coathangers, but walked away loving Audacity’s set much more. A four piece punk band from California, these guys were just super fun, engaging, and really talented. From their greetings to the crowd (mocking themselves by imitating the SNL skit The Californians), to cheers-ing the Blood Moon, and declaring that their set was dedicated to Mama’s Dumplings down the street, not only were they hilarious, despite the little engagement they received from the crowd, their set was raucous, full of energy, again despite little crowd movement, and their blend of so-cal punk, and rock and roll was fast, hard, and full of a lot of impressive guitar shredding. The Coathangers’ set, though great, just didn’t do it for me the way Audacity’s did.

The Coathangers
The Coathangers are a three-piece all girl punk band from Atlanta. They began as a joke when they decided to learn instruments so they could play at parties. Fast forward ten years, and their sound is certainly serious, loud and hard, they’re definitely reminiscent of early Hole and The Distillers. They claimed the stage, all in matching white Coathangers shirts, and huddled into an endearing pre-show group hug. It’s clear these girls have fun together and love what they do, and as they powered through their set, each switching instruments, the drummer and guitarist taking turns on lead vocals, at the right place and right time, they probably would’ve just destroyed. Sadly the crowd was still as statues during their set, and it definitely affected the atmosphere of their show. There were about three very, very drunk fan-girls behind us that were huge fans, and ended up almost shoving the guy directly to my left because he wouldn’t move. They were huge fans of the band, and extremely upset by the lack of excitement, which pretty much sums up my feelings on the show. I hope the next time The Coathangers come to town, it’s at a different venue, like The Horseshoe on a Friday night, where they can get their well-deserved mosh pit going.

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Review by Lauren Morocco (@LaurenMorocc) | Photos by Benjamin Telford (@bentelfordphoto)

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