Concert Review: Daughter @ Corona Theater

DaughterMontreal’s Corona Theater was filled to the brim this past Monday, April 7th 2014, in anticipation for the European band Daughter’s “off tour headline” show to commence.

Opening the show was Montreal based Pang Attack, who played a 30 minute set featuring songs from their EP Phantom Forest. The audience, at first slightly skeptical of the band’s sound, was immediately entranced by frontman Alex Hackett’s endearing voice and captivating lyrics. Their ambient psychedelic tone was a great way to kick start the night leaving the crowd longing for more as they ended their set.

Already warmed up by the opening band, the sold out audience roared as the members of Daughter, Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli , Remi Aguilella and Luke Saunders emerged from the darkness and took their places upon the dimly lit stage. As the lights rose, the indie rock group began by playing Still, an emotional track off of their debut album If You Leave highlighting moving drum rhythms and showcasing vocalist Elena Tonra’s well-known expressive song writing skills. The emotions behind Tonra’s voice were so present and passionate throughout the song that it seemed as if she were going to weep upon the stage, immediately creating a bond with the audience…so strong; it was as if we would have wept with her.

Following this stirring opening, Igor Haefeli, the guitarist of the group unexpectedly brought out a cello bow and began vigorously bowing against the strings of his guitar creating an intoxicating and hypnotic sound for their next song, Love. Although Tonra’s presence throughout this song was just as captivating as the one before, the speechless audience could not take their eyes off of Haefeli as he danced around the stage bowing his electric guitar.

Half way through the night, Daughter took things down a notch playing two of their slower songs however major crowd pleasers, Landfill, and a personal favourite, Candles, both from their EP His Young Heart. The astonishment upon the band member’s faces during these songs was unmistakable as they clearly did not expect to be so well received in Montreal. Throughout the night, Elena Tonra would back away from the microphone mid-sentence and the keen audience could be heard finishing the verses for her. Of course, the most anticipated song of the evening was Youth, a track off of their EP The Wild Youth, safe to say Daughter’s most famous song. The raw vulnerability and passion searing out of the lyrics and emotion and strength channeled through the vocals of this track moved the audience to a point of euphoria.

The night ended with an unforeseen encore. After five minutes of stomping, yelling and begging, the band fumbled back onstage for one last song to fulfill the enthusiastic audience’s pleads. As they strapped on their instruments for the last time they warned the audience that this last song might not be very good since the encore was completely unexpected. Despite their doubts, they were wrong. The last song they played, Smoke, a fairly recent song from their debut album left an amazing impression on the audience and a great way to say goodbye to the Montreal crowd for now. Each musician did their best to make it an amazing ending, Remi Aguilella hitting the drums harder than he had in any of the previous songs, and Igor Haefeli literally spinning around and crouched down as he played an intensely riveting guitar solo. It was a spectacular ending. Daughter is currently touring with The National and will be making appearances at various music festivals in the near future so be sure to check out this amazing inspirational band if they are playing at a venue near you.

For an interview with Daughter, click here.

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  1. Well written and informative. I want to check out these bands next chance I get. Writer makes great connections and captures the energy of that particular concert throughout the article.

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