You’ve GOT to See This: The Tommy Drums – “Savages”

The Tommy DrumsWhen student journalist Sam Durham tweeted a few months ago that their might be a C-Town scene to rival Birmingham’s B-Town, it seemed a little implausible – perhaps more so given the “C” in question was Cheltenham. But with bands such as New Lake, Polary Bear, and now The Tommy Drums making waves there’s maybe more to the claim than first meets the eye.

“Savages” is the debut video for this young four piece from their first EP which is available as a free download on SoundCloud and Amazing Tunes and which has already garnered the attention of Tom Robinson’s Freshonthenet team. Directed by Toby Lever it mixes a live performance with scenes of the band filmed in a surprisingly urban environment. There’s a fantastic energy to the track with the band pounding away as singer Sam Jones snarls the chorus “We’re teenagers, we’re savages”.

With Sam joined by Jack Quance on drums, Fraser Hopkins on bass, and Jamie Cairney on lead guitar, The Tommy Drums are a breath of fresh air ready to be flag bearers for any nascent C-Town scene. And no TDs’ post would be complete without a shout for ever present in spirit “5th member” Kieran Smith who keeps the show on the road and is known to join the band on their cover of The Kinks “You Really Got Me” and plays a mean cowbell too.

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Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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