You’ve GOT to Hear This: Steve Moakler – “Damn, Do I Think About You”

Steve MoaklerSent home from American Idol, Steve Moakler hadn’t given up on his dream of becoming a rock star and we’re all thankful for it. He has everything it takes to be the big breakout star that we’ve all been waiting for. A charming personality, soothing and clear vocals and gorgeous acoustic harmonies put him on top of the list of people who should be played on the radio but (currently) aren’t. This past March 18th, he released his third album Wide Open with Free the Birds Records. The record features eleven mellow, nostalgic songs that’ll make you want to play the album on repeat and check out his others. One of the stars of this record is that insanely relaxing ‘Damn, Do I Think About You’ along with ‘I’ve Got You To Love.’

DDITAY was the one of the songs that remotely stood out because it was perfect for singing and bopping my head along with – all while driving in the middle of the night. The sweet acoustic melodies blended with his voice are excruciatingly melodious and make you feel calmer than the sea. As the song continues on, you can hear the harder build up of drums and other various instruments. There’s something catchy about this song – not the beat or the vocals, no – it’s the lyrics. “I don’t worry where I’m heading to,” shows that you should appreciate what you have in the moment and worry about the future later. DDITAY is for anyone who’s in lust or like or love, or just, plainly, thinking about someone that makes their hear beat faster than it should.

Moakler’s currently on tour, so, if he comes to your town, be sure to check him out. His live shows are a mixture of awe and greatness simply because he sounds even better live than through your headphones. This is just another step to where he’s supposed to be heading towards: something bigger and greater. 2014 has been started with a bang and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

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