Concert Review: Marmozets @ Plug

Before we start, let’s go to the end. By this time the whole of the band are off stage, including the drummer and his drum kit. It would seem a fitting end to an hour of high energy metal-core: It isn’t though. It seems, if not desperate, at least misguided. The thing is guys. You are so good it’s unnecessary to stoop to what eventually will be seen as a quirk or simply annoying. You might think it churlish to start with a criticism. But, the rest was so damn perfect and you don’t want that to be forgotten which will inevitably occur because the end becomes the talking point, and if you are not careful the only talking point!

There was a palpable anticipation from the crowd as we waited for Marmozets to start. By the end of the first song they are stunned by the sheer brilliance of the band: Becca Mcintyre’s voice is ridiculously mature for one so young. In a few years time it will be the voice of a generation. It is powerful, confident, even frightening in all the right places. Guitar riffs compliment rather than overpower and there is an energy and confidence from the band that is at times difficult to keep up with. You’d think, should you stumble upon them that they have been doing this for years. That they have not is testament that this is the simply the start of a career that can only see them go from strength to strength to world domination through sheer brutality. The last time I saw such a brutal approach was when I stumbled across The Sex Pistols! They have attitude in abundance, but a real attitude which I suspect is not some persona simply for the stage – they must be hell to live with – which transfers itself to the crowd to produce enough electricity to run the Sheffield grid for a couple of months. They own the room and all the occupants in it. Though it’s a small venue, in the future they will own larger venues and larger crowds with the same ease as tonight. You just know it.

Go see them: They will shatter your preconceptions of metal core and for a young band to do that they have to be awesome: That’s exactly what Marmozets are: Awesomely good and soon to be awesomely brilliant as long as they don’t try too hard.

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