Concert Review: We Are Scientists and PAWS @ Lee’s Palace

We Are Scientists
There’s been a resurgence as of late, of bands that are a hybrid of nostalgia. A healthy mix of the 2000’s emo sound, garage rock and the 90’s punk that was classified as grunge later. PAWS takes this to whole new levels of sincere, loud, thrashing sounds. A three piece from Scotland that has seen a lineup change in their bass player recently, without looking up anything other than these facts, I would’ve guessed they evolved from hardcore or screamo, the way lead singer Phillip’s voice naturally drifted between a melodic lilt and a high-pitched growl.

PAWS has had an extensive tour schedule opening for the likes of The Cribs, Dum Dum Girls and more, playing high energetic shows, and they refused to let the dull Toronto crowd stand idly by, questioning why many were “hanging in the shadows” and demanding they step forward. They played many tracks off their sophomore album Youth Culture Forever, a fantastic album name that captures the raucous spirit and rawness of their sound.

We Are Scientists
Speaking of Youth Culture Forever, headliner We Are Scientists filled me with waves of nostalgia, transporting me back almost TEN years, to my college days. Not a lot has changed with this band, they still carry a perfect blend of power pop and indie dance music, but it is far more refined and played with absolute ease and confidence.  They played a perfect mix of their newer catalog and old fan favorites that drove the die-hard fans wild. If these guys were still doing this in their 70’s, I believe now, they would never lose their sound.

Interview with We Are Scientists | Interview with PAWS

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Review by Lauren Morocco (@LaurenMorocc) | Photos by Benjamin Telford (@bentelfordphoto)

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