You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Bohicas – “Swarm/XXX”

The Bohicas
There aren’t many bands that would name themselves after such a lewd acronym, but then again there aren’t many bands like The Bohicas. Formed out of the ashes of Swanton Bombs, a hugely underrated riff-heavy two-piece from London, who released two albums before disappearing into the abyss. But now things have changed. With two new members, The Bohicas sound has been beefed up and bulked out, and their debut definitely oozes self-confidence and swagger.

‘Swarm’ is two and a half minutes of controlled mayhem. The opening guitar riff sounds like a swarm of possessed killer bees, but lead-singer Dominic McGuinness’ mellow crooning manages to soothe the sting in their tail.

The opening gambits of ‘XXX’ sounds like a chase sequence from a cartoon, but don’t be fooled; the novelty is soon replaced by sheer terror when the violent surges of wailing electric guitars begin. Also any song that rhymes ‘multiplex’ with ‘XXX’ deserves sufficient praise.

It is of little surprise that the legendary Domino Records, home of Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Animal Collective, have already snapped them up. If you want to see them live then they’ll be supporting Drenge on their UK tour in June, but if you’ve got an aversion to aggressive moshing and getting sweaty, then you might want to give it a miss.

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