Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ James Walsh

James Walsh
Back in August of last year, we spoke with Lancashire songwriter, vocalist, and musician James Walsh for the first time. Since then, James released his sophomore solo album Turning Point (available now via iTunes). It was our absolute pleasure to catch up with the artist to discuss his dream collaboration (Norah Jones), the first record he bought (Blur), and the new album!

AMBY: Hello James, thanks for speaking with us once again! How have you been?

James Walsh: No problem. I’ve been great. Really busy touring, collaborating, and of course recording ‘Turning Point’.

AMBY: You recently released your sophomore solo album Turning Point. As far as songwriting goes on the record, what were your biggest influences or inspirations?

James Walsh: Jackson Browne & Bruce Springsteen were big influences on the songwriting. Jackson Browne for the emotion and melancholy and Bruce for the beautiful simplicity and hope in his songs.

AMBY: What’s the significance behind the title Turning Point?

James Walsh: Going it alone after years with the band felt like a ‘Turning Point’ and I think generally we are all reaching for that ‘Turning Point’ where everything comes together.

AMBY: If you had to pick one track off the LP that you think best summarizes what you were hoping to achieve, which track would you choose and why?

James Walsh: ‘Better Part Of Me’ is a big one for me. It’s the most representative of my influences and the sound is unique to this album. It couldn’t have been a Starsailor song.

AMBY: You recently embarked on your Turning Point Tour. What do you look forward to most regarding being on the road?

James Walsh: Being in the bubble is nice. You can sort of shut your everyday troubles away for a while and just concentrate on getting from a to b and putting on a great show. It’s great to visit new places too. I went to Bratislava for the first time recently with One Republic for example.

AMBY: What is one of your most memorable touring experiences?

James Walsh: I’ll give you one serious one and one calamity! Firstly supporting U2 at Stade De France when 4 to the floor was no1 over there was amazing. One memorable occasion was playing the main stage at V, jumping down to the crowd and out 20 odd stone security jumping after me as breaking his leg. Little did we know he had the dressing key so our tour manager had to get it off him while he was lying in the ambulance. Poor bloke.

AMBY: What are some of your favourite things to do outside of music?

James Walsh: Spending time with my family is top of the list but watching Liverpool FC is a close second! I also love to swim. Don’t like running but there’s something therapeutic about diving into a cold pool. Especially with a hangover!

AMBY: What was the first record you bought, and do you feel that album had an influence on your music?

James Walsh: It was ‘Parklife’ by Blur on cassette. It’s influenced me a bit over the years. I still love ‘to the end’.

AMBY: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

James Walsh: My dream collaboration would be with Norah Jones. She’s got such a soothing voice very comforting and a simple timeless sound.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s next for James Walsh?

James Walsh: I’m off to Norah Jones house. No only joking! But I’ve been involved with some really exciting songs that are coming out in the near future. I want to tour ‘Turning Point’ as far and wide as I can and enjoy a few one off shows with the rest of the Starsailor boys over the summer too.


Thank you James Walsh, for giving us your answers!

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