You’ve GOT to Hear This: Mausi – “Sol”

MausiMausi is more than just a band. Any of the Anglo-Italian quartet will explain to you that it is a lifestyle, and the music the group makes is the music you’d hear if you were living that lifestyle. A Mausi track is a chapter, a journal, a vision of a carefree life, delivered through the medium of chic synth pop with European flair.

The story of Mausi, the creation of siblings Thomas and Daisy Finetto, Ben Brown and Benji Huntrods, is a story seen through the eyes of a carefree teenage girl, half-German, half-Spanish, moving through sun-soaked beach life to stylish soirées, dancing the night away to continental riviera pop, taking in the final days of freedom and adolescence, pursuing la belle vie, through the lens of Sofia Coppola (

The quartet met whilst at university in Newcastle and stayed at the sibling’s house during an escape to Milan. During the visit, Thomas filmed anything and everything, with the material inspiring their debut single, Sol – a happy-go-lucky, sun-kissed burst of l’été parfait. Combining slick electronic beats with radiant, sparkling vocals, their début track stands at the beginning of an adventure that hasn’t once paused for breath. Here’s your soundtrack to summer.

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