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The Mohrs
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Toronto rock band The Mohrs are currently getting ready to release their debut record. To learn more about the band and upcoming debut, we spoke with the “sexy” group (Jackie Mohr, Marc Girardin, Greg Markham, and Max Trefler) about their first ever tour, new single Perfectly Sane, the “fun” album, and working with Hawksley Workman.

AMBY: Hey The Mohrs, welcome to our site! What’s the band been up to lately?

The Mohrs: Thank you! Mostly playing music. Holding ourselves up in dark rehearsal rooms with loud guitars, playing and having fun. We’ve just finished our first ever tour (out West) supporting a Detroit band called Electric Six, and we have been making a lot of music videos in preparation for our album’s release. Three so far, one released for our new single ‘Perfectly Sane’ made by Hawksley Workman & Steve Bays (Antler & Power) which we’re so proud of.

AMBY: How would you describe each member of The Mohrs in one word?

The Mohrs: Sexy.

AMBY: You’re currently getting ready to release your debut album. Is there an expected release date or working title yet?

The Mohrs: We think in early fall and it may be eponymous. It’s funny because we finished this record almost a year ago now, and spent almost a year writing it so we’re more then antzy to release it, but everything in it’s right time. We haven’t rushed anything and it’s been working in our favour so far.

AMBY: Looking forward to the upcoming release; how would you describe the feel of the album?

The Mohrs: The word fun comes to mind, but there’s also a darker side to it. We started out wanting to make an album reminiscent of early Cars. You know, lot’s of quirky riffs and fun melodies, but somewhere in the middle we decided we needed to write something that just rocked. To be frank we were becoming less and less enthused with hearing wispy female vocals, over airy guitars. We think it’s time for rock to be on top again.

AMBY: While creating the new LP, what was one of the highlights you had?

The Mohrs: Honestly, the whole thing. Working with Hawksley Workman (producer/co writer) was a game changer for us. We’d never done anything like this before. We wrote and recorded the whole album up at his place in Burks Falls. It’s so beautiful and secluded. The writing we did took more effort and thought then we we’re used to and that’s forever made us better writers. Also we now have a long lasting relationship with a musical genius so there’s that.

AMBY: We’re really enjoying your energetic track Perfectly Sane. What’s the story behind the track?

The Mohrs: Thank you! Perfectly Sane is about that love interest or lust interest rather that makes your life a living nightmare. You’d literally have to be insane to be with them, and I just remember being in that place with a few people at the time.

AMBY: Where did the name The Mohrs come from, and what other names had you considered for the band?

The Mohrs :Naming your band is a living hell FYI. Everything’s been done, and nothing’s cool. Haha. We spent almost a year trying to always be thinking of something clever or cool that would suit the music. At first we we’re calling ourselves Juniper. We even played our debut show under that name but later found out that Damien Rice had a popular band under the same name in the early 90’s so that was out. Hawksley always loved my name (Jackie Mohr) and so we started toying with the idea of just ‘Mohr’ which became ‘The Mohrs’. After having the band in place for a while by this point, and seeing the personality we were taking on it just fit. Simple and bold, like a 70’s rock band name.

AMBY: If you could say one thing which would reach the whole world, what would that message be?

The Mohrs: That’s a heavy question, but off the top of my head – Pursue your passions whatever they may be.

AMBY: What’s the best release of 2014 so far?

The Mohrs: Beck Morning Phase.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Mohrs that nobody knows yet?

The Mohrs: That we’re actually all married to one another, and that’s where the name really comes from.


Thank you The Mohrs, for giving us your answers! And be sure to catch the band tonight at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, tickets here.

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