You’ve GOT To Hear This: Alex Fox – “Doctor Doctor”

Alex Fox
“Who the devil is Alex Fox and why should I give a rat’s ass?”
That’s what I keep hearing on the streets anyway and quite frankly it beggar’s belief, especially as most people haven’t even heard his new single yet. But I have, so just hold on a minute and let me explain why he deserves your attention.

Having built up some serious classical piano chops from a young age and with time served in multiple indie bands on his CV, Alex’s first foray into solo territory is heavily informed by his past. Combining a rustic, theatrical musicality with witty and poetic lyrics, Fox’s songs come across almost like atmospheric sea shanties full of drama and vivid imagery. And that is his greatest strength. Alex Fox’s music is indebted to the folk tradition of storytelling; over beautiful, intricate piano he reminisces on past times and deeply personal experiences, often hiding darker, more emotional material behind a jaunty tune and a wry smile.

Fox’s voice itself is both unique and compellingly weird. With a hint of Morrissey and a little Kevin Rowland, his wounded, melancholy vocals lend all his music a strong, cathartic identity that is instantly recognisable. His new single, “Doctor Doctor” – a pretty, string-laden affair – is the perfect summation of his sound. You can find it from today at all the usual download services and we have a link to his BandCamp page. Give it a listen and you might just fall for its quirky charms.

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