Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Mia Dyson

Mia Dyson
Mia Dyson
is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. She’s released four critically-acclaimed albums and we caught up with her at CMW’s Aussie BBQ to chat a bit about Idyllwild, her upcoming June release.

AMBY: I’m sitting with with Mia Dyson, welcome to CMW!

Mia Dyson: Thank you so much, great to be here.

AMBY: For those who don’t know you, tell us a little bit about who you are & your style of music.

Mia Dyson: Well, I’m from Melbourne Australia, I kinda grew up listening to Americana, roots, blues, soul music and rock n’ roll. I love all those different flavours and try to combine them into some kind of rock n’ roll that’s got a little bit of everything in it.

AMBY: Very, very cool! So being from Australia, what drew you to CMW and Canada in general?

Mia Dyson: Well, I feel like there’s this beautiful simpatico between Canada and Australia and I love the Canadian spirit and I feel really at home here. I just wanted to come and play. Toronto especially has a lot of correlations with Melbourne, it’s got the trams, and it’s a really strong music scene and so I love that.

AMBY: What can you tell us about the new record coming out in June?

Mia Dyson: It’s my fifth record, which is very exciting for me. It’s kind of a bit of a departure for me, like stylistically is still in the same realm, but I really went for some pretty out-there sounds. In the past, I’ve gone for more of a traditional rock n’ roll/ blues sorta sound, but this has a little bit of my 80’s childhood influences from like Elvis Costello and Talking Heads and experimented a lot more with more guitar, drum and keys sounds. Yea, so I’m excited.

AMBY: So with it being the fifth album, were there challenges for yourself to make it a different sound, or were you happy keeping things consistent?

Mia Dyson: I really wanted to try something different and I think we did that. I feel like with my fourth record, The Moment, I kind of achieved what I had perhaps been trying to do for the first four records- just trying to create a very cohesive, Americana sound. So this one, I really wanted to go for something different and it was really fun to experiment. and go down different paths.

AMBY: What’s been the most exciting moment in your career so far? I know it’s a big question.

Mia Dyson: Oh, I always feel like the present is the most exciting, cause I’m in it! You know, I’m alive here, now, but in terms of a highlight, I guess opening for Bonnie Raitt. Getting to play guitar and sharing a stage with her was a pretty thrilling experience.

AMBY: What is next for you?

Mia Dyson: The album comes out in early June and then we’re going to be doing a lot of touring in the States, in fact this is the start of a long tour right now. Then, take the album and tour to Australia, back home, play some of the summer festivals through Australia and then probably have a rest!

AMBY: I feel like it’s well deserved!

Mia Dyson: Thank you, yes, I agree.

AMBY: Check out Mia Dyson online at and thanks for taking the time to chat with us! This was great- looking forward to the set!

Mia Dyson: My pleasure, thanks for your time. Cheers.


Thank you Mia Dyson, for giving us your answers!

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Interview Shannon Bryan (@xoradioxo) | Photos by Justin Godelie (@jurego)

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