You’ve GOT to Hear This: Max Milner – “Like Me Slightly”

Max Milner
At age twenty-one, Max Milner auditioned for The Voice UK, appearing on the first of four audition shows. He was eliminated in the Semi-Finals, keeping him from making it through to the final, but despite this, Max made sure to follow his dreams and release his first EP, The Acoustic Deleted EP on May 19th of 2013. Since the release of the acoustic EP, Max has since released another EP, Man Overboard, which was out on November 25th 2013. Some may instantly dismiss Max as some sort of James Blunt wannabe, but he has certainly came into his own, making sure to create his own personal image, and not follow in the footsteps of other artists.

Like Me Slightly- one of the four very soulful and intellectual songs on his first EP- is the perfect song for almost any situation really; it’s not defined by a specific weather condition or mood, it’s always a good listen. This song could play on a bright sunny day while you’re driving around town, that cold rainy morning when all you want to do is curl up in your warm sheets and put off doing anything and everything, and this song is even perfect to listen to when you’re writing music reviews at 1 am trying to stay awake (who would’ve thought?!).

Max has a signature tone in my eyes. He has a huskier sounding voice, more predominant in the other songs in his EP’s, which gives off the feel that he has just awoken from sleeping. Which even gives his music more intimacy. When his softer tone is paired with the suprising roughness of his voice, it creates an amazing combination, and it even helps that he’s singing about falling/being in love and the effects that it has on him, ex.You make me forget wreckless memories, I owe my heart i owe my love.

Max is utilizing his ability to combine his talent of thought-invoking poetry and his soulful sound in this song to create a wonderful track. He provides listeners with a sense of romantic optimism, showcasing what its truly like to be in love with someone and have them wash away all horrible memories of the past. That’s what we all want as humans right? To find that one person that makes us believe in better days,and to become vulnerable while falling in love. Max has provided us with both of these ideas, and again romanticizing the idea of waking up next to your one true love.

All in all, This is yet another wonderful track by Max Milner. With the softer touch of acoustic intruments backing up the execution of this song I don’t think it would be right to listen to this song a different way. There’s such a laid back and easy listening feel attached to Max Milner’s music that really uplifts his whole EP. He has proved himself to be a worthy singer from his debut on The Voice, but with this and his other EP out, he has made himself a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Max Milner has come a long way, and he has an even longer way to go, but if he stays on the track that he’s on now, he’ll be there in no time.

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