Concert Review: Hockeysmith @ Rescue Rooms

“It’s time to take it up a notch” grins Annie Hockeysmith. Unfortunately for band the venue is virtually empty, as most people were firmly camped in the beer garden, lapping up the remnants of the evening sun. But those who chose to watch Hockeysmith were treated to a wealth of perfectly crafted pop songs.

“When will I see your face, when will I feel your feel your warm embrace? ” Annie soulfully coos in the naughtily named ‘Let’s Bang’. Which contains a delightful concoction of icy synth pads, glittering guitars and gut-wrenching sub-bass, and is clearly tinged with pent-up feelings of love and frustration. It unexpectedly transforms into a true electro banger half way through, if only heartbreak was always this fun eh?

The lure of dirty, but highly danceable, beats proved to be too great for the hordes of sunbathers who had obviously only come to see headline act Jungle, but debut single and set-finisher ‘But Blood’ left them wishing they had entered the fray much earlier. The spurts of droning guitars and Warpaint-esque tribal chants caused multiple bouts of head bobbing within the lager-wielding group of lads. You certainly wouldn’t have guessed that such music was actually crafted in a stable in Cornwall. But putting all horseplay aside, Hockeysmith are a band that are firmly on the rise.

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