Concert Review: Metronomy and Cloud Control @ The Phoenix

When coming back from a long weekend, spent at a cottage, three days straight of “bingeing with your bros”, the last thing you want to do after that, and the hungover road trip home, is go to a show. I can now confidently say that Metronomy is my hangover cure.

Cloud Control
Cloud Control, the Aussie, psych-rock band, opened for Metronomy at the Phoenix on Monday night, the venue is the perfect size and space for them. The four piece have been playing together since 2005, released an EP in 2008, and the acclaimed Bliss Release in 2010, followed by their newest – Dream Cave. They mixed up their set with slowed down garage rock like tunes, keyboardist and sole female member Heidi, offering up beautiful accents and harmonies on all the songs; and more sped-up, poppy arrangements, almost in line with early MGMT.

When Metronomy graced the stage, they were clad all in matching white suits, with red detailing, and trim. Drummer Anna Prior, again, the sole female member, clad in a sleeveless, mock turtleneck. Launching into a flawless set, so dance-filled and energetic, my body moved involuntarily to the music, like they were snake charmers, and we were all the hypnotized snakes. Their two synth-keyboards were set up in large white casings that coloured lights emanated from. Playing a healthy mix off their new album Love Letters and their older favorites, crowd favorites included, Radio Ladio, Love Letters, Reservoir, The Upsetter, I’m Aquarius, and more. You can tell the band makes the music they love, each member playing with a giant grin on their face, dancing along, and bassist Olugbenga Adelekan was busting with so much energy, playing at the edge of the stage, demanding we all clap along.

Every note compliments the other so well, I walked away from the show baffled, wondering how these five collaborate on live instruments to create every perfect moment in their songs. It’s like a magic trick I’ll never figure out.

Review by Lauren Morocco (@LaurenMorocc) | Photos by Benjamin Telford (@bentelfordphoto)

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