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No One Sun
Hello there AMBY readers, how the devil are you? Good? Hope so!

We are No One Sun, a 5 piece indie rock band from the North West of England. If you are reading this then you probably read a lot about how bands are formed but I hope you find our story interesting as isn’t the usual tale of getting together all at once and starting to put ideas together, etc. In fact it’s been said that we have done things completely backwards (but we are ok with that).

The band started through Nick (Lead Vocal/Guitar) playing in a covers band which happened to include Jamie (Guitar/Backing Vocal) and Gary (Guitar/Backing Vocal). Yep you counted right, 3 guitars! Nick and Jamie got talking about original material and ended up starting to write a few riffs and putting ideas down. Things started to get serious and in the space of 12-18 months Nick and Jamie has written, recorded and produced the No One Sun debut album ‘All We Rely On Is Stolen’!

It was at this point where they realised that they were on to something and wanted to get their music out into the live scene and set about recruiting a band to re-produce their tracks live. Jamie called on Gary after playing with him in the past and Nick called upon Craig (Drums) for the same reasons. Nick (Bass) aka ‘Hank’ – we can’t deal with having 2 Nick’s in the band – was the final piece of the puzzle and they set to work.

What has followed has been a great deal of interest in the album along with a number of well received gigs around the North West of England including such places as the iconic Night & Day Cafe in Manchester.

With the album and the gigs going down very well (with album reviews referring to The Killers and The Stereophonics along with high praise for one track in particular from a very well respected producer) the band have now began writing their new EP which is expected very soon. The EP writes a new chapter for the band with all the tracks being written as a band and the creative juices flowing from all members.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Please take a look at our SoundCloud/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook links and if you like what you hear you can purchase the album from iTunes or listen via Spotify.


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