Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Lazys

The Lazys
Australian rockers, The Lazys, channel pure, raw, hard-rocking angst in their loud, energetic tunes. We caught up with the boys at Canadian Music Week, after watching them climb up onto the bar of the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

AMBY: I’m here with The Lazys, introduce yourselves!

The Lazys: I’m Matty, and I’m Leon… he plays guitar.

AMBY: I saw, that was unbelievable!

The Lazys: Ahh, it’s just a lil’ bit of practice, that’s all.

AMBY: For those out there who don’t know The Lazys, tell us a bit about yourselves and your style of music.

The Lazys: We’re just a rock band from Sydney, Australia, we like putting on a good show, very entertaining show, we value that.That’s what we love to do, just classic rock n’ roll.

AMBY: You’re a band who played a lot of live shows before ever getting into the studio, do you think there’s a lot of merit in building an audience that way first?

The Lazys: Oh definitely, I think you have to go out and build your following and that’s why we’ve worked so long and so hard at doing that. You have to get in there and build a fan base and gain respect and yea, it’s worked for us.

AMBY: So you’re happy the way you’ve done it so far?

The Lazys: Oh yea, very happy.

AMBY: While not playing shows, what are you guys working on right now?

The Lazys: Doing a lot of masturbating. I’m working on getting a nice shower over the next few days. We’re running out of accommodation time, but masturbation is definitely good. Otherwise not a lot, we just work on the band and that’s what we do.

AMBY: What’s been a highlight in your career so far?

The Lazys: Today! Very right now, in the present, just enjoying playing with all these great bands.

AMBY: Have you had any amazingly embarrassing moments on stage?

The Lazys: Yea! Loads more off stage though. The last time I got ston….uh, drunk to play a show I kicked everything over, nearly broke my guitar, just ran into the crowd, was just fucked up. It’s a vivd memory. I don’t have a lot of memories, but this is one that sticks in my mind. A couple months ago, a pick fell into his beer and we we’re all “go, go, go” and he swallowed it. We took him to the hospital and all they offered him was a can of coke. I think it’s still in there. We were asking him for a long time after if he ever found it, but no.

AMBY: I guess coke only helps it going down, not coming out.

AMBY: Do you have any final parting words for us?

The Lazys: Anyone out there who wants to learn guitar, play guitar, play in a rock n’ roll band and just keep going, keep going. It fucking rocks- do it! Do it for your mother, do it for yourself. These guys become your family. So words of advice, be nice to your mother and rock the fuck out.

AMBY: Absolutely words to live by. Thanks a lot guys!


Thank you The Lazys, for giving us your answers!

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Interview and Photos by Shannon Bryan (@xoradioxo)

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