You’ve GOT To See This: OK Go – “This Too Shall Pass”

If you aren’t a fan of OK Go, now’s the time to get yourself familiarized with them before the release of the newest and fourth album Hungry Ghosts (coming out in the fall 2014). The thing you need to know about OK Go is other than making great music; they also make awesome music videos. And it all comes from the imagination from the band members.

I have spent countless of hours deciding which video to introduce you to, and I finally decided with this one (don’t feel bad for me, I enjoyed watching all their videos multiple times) — This Too Shall Pass, taken from their 3rd album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

Now there are actually two versions of music videos for this song, and this one is the Rube Goldberg Machine Version. This video is a one-shot take of a chained reaction. There’s even one part of the video where they make music with water in glass. Once you’re fascinated by the video, definitely check out the ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage to see how it’s done. They also talk about how the band worked with engineers and people from NASA to help make this video, and the patience to make this video since if something does go wrong, they have to set up the whole machine again and start from the beginning. With this video you might have to watch many times in order to see all the things going on, but you’ll be so interested in it. Okay…I’ll stop talking, and just sit back and be amazed.

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Review by Tiffany Lee | @t4nee

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