Concert Review + Photos: Last Gang Records’ 10th Anniversary Party

Last Gang Records
Last Gang Records celebrated their 10th anniversary with an immense party at The Guvernment on May 22. Entering the world of EDM (electronic dance music) meant entering a world like one underwater, where every sense was muffled, even stepping outside to subject myself to a sea of smoke did not mean escaping the constant sound.

Last Gang Records
It’s fascinating that even among a crowd of people who you have never met, you can find people who you know, or perhaps that’s indicative of Toronto’s music scene’s size (small). The party itself was perhaps not as large or extravagant as is deserving of Last Gang Records, but that might be due to Toronto’s floundering nightlife scene.

Last Gang Records
The Guvernment’s several rooms were full of music industry people, with cameras going off every few minutes to capture someone who may or may not have been important. Simple Plan was in the VIP section, I am quite sure of that.

As for the music, EDM was the name of the game. With an arsenal of DJs and electronic musicians at their disposal for the night, Last Gang put on a show worthy of a weekend-long festival series, and perhaps with any luck, like Field Trip’s return this summer, they will return again next year.

Follow Last Gang’s updates on their website here.

Review and Photos by Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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