Concert Review: Timber Timbre @ Massey Hall

Timber Timbre
Timber Timbre’s smokey music filled the auditorium of Massey Hall on Friday night with the complexity of a symphony. It was full-bodied, multi-layered, textural sound that is indeed spooky, perhaps even terrifying in its rapturousness.

The band was introduced by Cold Specks, which is the brainchild of Al Spx. It is clear when she performs that the band is her creation, and that though drums and guitar may change hands, the performances ride on Al, and Al alone. The band is all about her, the goddess in charge. It always seems to be the small women who have the most commanding presences on stage. She conjured up melancholic songs about travel and loneliness and finding home, and she cast a spell over the audience that lasted until the end of the night.

Timber Timbre
Between sets, the crowd filled in until the auditorium was this fantastic sea of faces, reflecting only the light from the stage to fill the black space of the auditorium with little white dots. While backstage at Massey Hall, a tangle of hallways, staircases, and wiring, like a painting by Escher, was enough to disorient me entirely.

Timber Timbre used the atmospheric auditorium and a fantastic light show to demonstrate the capacity of their music to move an audience. If the crowd did not leave impressed than they had probably spent the entire show with me. Watching Timber Timbre side stage is a bad way to listen to their music.

Follow Timber Timbre’s updates on their website here.

Review by Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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