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Fitness Club Fiasco
Hey all you AMBY readers!

We’re Fitness Club Fiasco, made up of bicycle fanatic Michael Harloff on lead vocals and synths, Aztec-printed legging connoisseur Jess Underdown on vocals and bad-ass tambourine, pop-culture expert Matt Henderson on bass, guitar and basically anything else we tell him to play, breakfast enthusiast Jess Janz on vocals, and synth and Kijiji addict Cam Guthrie on drums.

We come to you bearing the gift of a free download of our new single Hades, a moody and lush song full of swelling harmonies, heavy, dark bass and bright synths. This is the second single from our upcoming debut album, and a slight departure though sweet companion to our first track Goldmine, like when they put granny smith apples on a turkey and brie sandwich: surprising and delicious.

If you’re near Toronto and like our music (or just like really huge servings of nachos), we’d love to have you at our single release show this Friday, June 6th at Sneaky Dee’s!


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