Getting Cozy With: CHAMPION LOVER

are James Cain (bass VI), Erik Tokar (drums), and twin brothers William Masuda (guitars, noise) and Edward Masuda (guitars, primal scream therapy).

We (James, William and Edward) knew each other since grade four but we all met Erik in junior high. Years later we formed a band out of our own aimlessness and general dissatisfaction/ongoing love affair with music.

We take our music pretty seriously and ourselves not so much (see: our Twitter feed.) James is the in-house gear head and the only member capable of growing a beard who acts as bullish*t detector for the twins. Erik (R.I.C.O. to his friends) is the resident weirdo and laugh track (surprise, surprise, the drummer is the joker.) William frequents Toronto’s dingiest after-hours bars and Edward is the sullen songwriter who seemingly only comes to life onstage or when arguing with William. Or James. Or an empty room.

We like Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Wire, Bass Drum Of Death, and Cloud Nothings (to name just a few)-however, recently we’ve been compared to Disappears. Another blogger dubbed our music “drug rock” (which we’re totally ok with).



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