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Disaster In The Universe
Oslo, Norway is home to electronica-psychedelia band Disaster In The Universe. Fusing together elements of rock and tropical rhythms, the band released their new (ridiculously good) album Coconut Message in March. Truly loving what this group is all about, we feel it’s only right to spread the coconut message with our readers! Read our new interview with Disaster In The Universe below, as we discuss the influence of South America, a psychedelic journey, painting themselves, and an under the sea concert.

AMBY: Hello Disaster In The Universe, welcome to AMBY! Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

Disaster In The Universe: Helloo we’re Dosser (vocals & guitar), Jacques (guitar & synth) & Jonas (drums & bass) representing Disaster In The Universe from our nest in Oslo, Norway.

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word

Disaster In The Universe: Dosser: water, Jacques: air, Jonas: fire

AMBY: Who inspires your tropical rhythms?

Disaster In The Universe: We’re inspired by our many stays in Africa, mostly Zimbabwe and Mosambique, as well as South America were Jonas (drummer) was influenced. But we feel maybe our biggest inspiration comes from living in cold Norway and imagine a tropical, dreamy existence for ourselves, like a house on a warm beach, and this idea growing to be something bigger and greater in our minds than it probably is, so the dream is maybe a symbol of something better, a imaginative place of somewhere perfect.

AMBY: Recently releasing your debut album Coconut Message, tell us a little about the record. What was the best part of recording it?

Disaster In The Universe: “Coconut Message” was recorded in Oslo, in co-operation with producers Peter Mayes (Empire Of The Sun, The Killers, Karen O, Pnau), Andreas Eide Larsen (Gary Go) and Christer André Cederberg (Anathema, Eva & The Heartmaker). We ourselves were heavily involved in the producing process as we value the share of personality and identity with the listener highly, always looking for that personal touch and trying to develop the band’s maybe most important mantra; creating something new! Apart from the singles “Yugen (Telling Me All)” and “Beach House”, the album consist of purely new songs, making it sort of a concept album within the atmosphere of a psychedelic journey on a tropical beach, beneath the thatched roof with a pina colada looking up at the sunset sky with stars emerging from the universe, “dragging you back to the ocean, everything open”… Also lyrically the album is sort of a concept album with each song representing suggestions to different mindsets and ideas. In the song “Jaws Shut Like Closing Doors”, for example, we are suggesting to cut down on the amount of languages in the world (wich now is about 6000), and so maybe it could decrease the amount of conflicts and problems between people (as the power of communcation is well documented as a conflict resolution). We think it was a real nice process making our first album, even though it took a long time, since we really wanted to make it sound like the vision we had in our minds. The best part of the process was all the long days in the recording studio, trying out all the different sounds, testing and trying out all these different synths and sound effects – it was very experimental and a real exciting feeling.

AMBY: Which songs off the album are your personal favourites?

Dosser: Everything I Want To Do.

Jaqcues: Jada Jada

Jonas: Jada Jada.

AMBY: What’s the story behind the album’s title Coconut Message?

Disaster In The Universe: We’re spreading the Coconut Message and we feel it’s our mission, since we had this experience of a new way of looking at things, a new perspective, and we’re simply sharing it. It’s that Einstein moment, when you sit under the palm tree at the beach, thinking of all your problems and difficulties, and then BAM (!) – you receive a coconut in your head and suddenly you see things all differently, suddenly you got a new perspective, suddenly you your problems are all so small, and maybe not even problems at all, cause you no longer live in a bubble with a blurry view, suddenly you see things clearly, and you’ll discover whats important and whats not, and how lucky you are. We feel the album now works as a coconut falling in your head, so just listen to it real carefully and you’ll experience the message!

AMBY: Which other artists from Norway should we keep our eyes on?

Disaster In The Universe: Well, if you like Rnb music then these two guys Nico & Vinz are maybe the most popular act from Norway these days, now at the #50 spot at the Billboard top 100 (we believe), with this song «Am I Wrong». If you like indie rock music then we recommend a great young band called AWAY, who only have released two songs yet, but we’ve been to their concert and they are seriously amazing. They’re one of the most talked about “up and coming” bands this year, only 18 years old boys we’ve been told.

AMBY: What does the band do outside of music for fun?

Disaster In The Universe: We like to build things, or paint ourselves, we all like to be creative. Play football (except for Jonas, who doesn’t understand the purpose of kicking a ball), basketball, go swimming, especially under the sea were we can watch the fish. We like to see new places, we were recently in St. Petersburg in Russia were we played a gig but had two days vacation after that, and it was great there. We’re also pretty social people who we like to sit on a balcony in the sunset with friends, some beers and nice food, listen to music, and then we like to dance. We also really like boats, or the feeling of floating anyway, as we think that feeling is somewhat natural for humans, as we all came from the ocean long ago, and that floating feeling is natural and relaxing.

AMBY: Lastly, tell us something about Disaster In The Universe that nobody knows yet.

Disaster In The Universe: We have played a “under the sea concert” at a huge aquarium wall in small town Ålesund, Norway, along with the fish, and we’re planning an aquarium tour in Europe, were Disaster play «in aquariums only», as we feel better I company with the fish <3


Thank you Disaster In The Universe, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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