Concert Review: The Chain Gang of 1974 and Blondfire @ The Drake Underground

Those who were recuperated enough from Field Trip were at The Drake Monday night to dabble in some west-coast indie-dance rock of The Chain Gang of 1974.

Blondfire had no problem getting the usual stiffs to sway along from the start. The very enigmatic Erica Driscoll got up close with the first row, and even danced a dance with one. And that was during the first song! The LA-based indie pop act rushed through their set of bass-driven groovy numbers such as ‘Where The Kids are’, ‘Kites’ and ‘Young Heart’ from debut release of the same name. Their last Toronto date was in April, opening for The Sound. Clearly, the band had left quiet an impression then, as the set closer ‘Waves’ initiated a sing-along.

What does a man from Hawaii and most of Torontonians have in common? Would you have guessed love of the Maple Leafs. “I was a huge Felix Potvin fan”, admitted Kamtin Mohager, the human behind the indietronic project The Chain Gang of 1974. That was enough to win the faithful over. Mohager was set on giving the modest-size Drake crowd an entertaining show. Whether it was the headbanging to ‘Death Metal Punk’ or non-stop pacing around the stage during ‘You’ and set closer ‘Sleepwalking’, there were no dull moments in the short set. Mohager’s performance had a certain earnest intensity that is often absent from electronic acts. Maybe he is more than just video games ( see: GTA V) and computer beats.


Follow updates from The Chain Gang of 1974 on their website here.

Review by Nilabjo Banerjee | @nilabjo

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