Concert Review + Photos: Lindsey Stirling @ Kool Haus

Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling
is an Internet music success story. Unless you’ve been under a rock, odds are you have stumbled upon her viral violin covers or equally brilliant originals. Legions of Stirling faithful were in line to witness the phenomenon in person at Kool Haus last Saturday.

DJ Scott Gold had the hype duties for the evening. And he was meh. While his mix of dance numbers were on upper echelon of mediocrity, Gold’s nervous energy did very little to change the mood of the passive environment. His set lacked any fluidity in respect to the material of the subdued banter.

It would only be fitting that Lindsey Stirling started the show with ‘Beyond The Veil’, well, from behind a curtain, traceable in serene blue lights. And then the veil came off, and what followed was 90 minutes of brilliant fusion of contemporary & hip hop choreography with flawless violin play, often considered the most challenging instrument to master. Static for the most part, the packed house was mostly in awe, capturing every moment of the greatness marveling the senses.

Elevating Stirling’s level of charm is her cheeky sense of humour, evident in Lady-Gaga-inspired costume change while on stage. Or the witty back’n forth between Stirling and her bandmates JG and Drew during the acoustic portion of the set. That lead to ‘Transcendence’ and the set highlight John Legend cover ‘All of me’. Aided by two back-up dancers and loops on video screen, Stirling had no problem recreating the surrealism in her music videos such as the Zombie-inspired ‘Moon Trance’ or icy imagery of ‘Crystallize. But, it was the backstories of the songs that cemented the sense of intimacy in the room. Like, ‘Take Flight’ inspired by optimistic outlook of a cancer-ridden fan, or overcoming self-doubts inspiring ‘Shatter Me’, the title track of her April release.

Stirling exemplifies best that even those who have unearthly talents and capabilities have to triumph over the same struggles as the rest of her fellow earthlings. Although pirouetting while playing a violin is a tad surreal to replicate.

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Review by Nilabjo Banerjee (@nilabjo) | Photos by Ashley Smith ()

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