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The Walking Method
Hello, we’re The Walking Method, we are William Dorey, Jacob Henry, and Matthew March. We come from a town just inside of London called Upminster, which doesn’t really have much of a music scene yet, so we’d love to be the ones to kick it off! We’d say that our genre is somewhere in-between Indie Rock and Post Punk, drawing influences from The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Biffy Clyro to name a few.

We haven’t played live that much yet, but whenever we get on stage any previous nerves seem to be eradicated quickly, and it’s just great to be playing music to people who appreciate you! We recently performed at a local Last Band Standing competition and that was the first time we ever played one of our own tracks to an audience (Rusty Hook), and it felt crazy knowing we weren’t performing a song by someone else. Loads of our mates came along and learnt some of the chorus so it was great to hear people singing it back. Social media is just fantastic, when people like our music, they’re really kind to us about it, we recently set up our website and it really looks great. We had someone tell us the other day that they had been kicked out of their local Walmart – on the other side of the world – for telling people to listen to us! At the moment we’re writing a bunch of new songs and planning gigs to play them to people. We’re hoping to release an EP at some point this year with studio recordings as opposed to our ‘home-studio-demos’.

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