Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Lights

With a new album on the way, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with Lights at St.Catharine’s Scene Music Festival to discuss balancing family and music, becoming a mom, first concerts, and nerves.

AMBY: Hey Lights, it’s so awesome to meet you!

Lights: It’s nice to meet you too.

AMBY: How has the transition been, going back to work since becoming a mom?

Lights: Pretty smooth so far, we’re just tapping the top of the iceberg here right, it’s gonna be a big year for us. We just our first show back yesterday. So, so far it’s going well, I mean Rocket is kind of, Rocket’s my daughter’s name, she’s a seasoned traveler already, so she’s taking it as it comes and she’s really good at handling it.

AMBY: She’s Instagram famous.

Lights: [laughs] you could say that! I think she’s just riding my coattails, but whatever. But, it is fun being back on the stage, I really missed it.

AMBY: Have you noticed any shifts in your music writing since becoming a mom?

Lights: I haven’t actually written many songs since I had her because as I was pregnant and in labour, and after I had her I was recording, so the songs were already written. So I haven’t written much since then, but there’s a lot that goes through your mind when you know you’re having a child, so there’s a lot of new perspectives that are flowing and inspiration. I didn’t specifically write anything about her, or at least that I know of, you never know what’s inspiring you. It just put a lot of things into perspective for me and it’s really helped me get myself in order.

AMBY: Do you remember what your first concert was?

Lights: My first concert was Rebecca St. James when I was 11. She’s a Christian artist and I went and saw her at a school and it was good, I remember being very excited and stoked about live music and I drew all these pictures of her afterwards and I really just wanted to be a singer then.

AMBY: If you could influence Rocket’s first concert, who would you love it to be?

Lights: Well her first concert was last night and it was mine [laughs].

AMBY: What do you most look forward to when it comes to festival season?

Lights: There’s different variables when it comes to festival season, you never know what kind of crowd you’re going to get, the sound you’re going to get, the weather, so I think it’s exciting in its own way, it’s a little scary and that’s what’s kind of cool about it too. When you’re doing a club tour you know what to expect, it’s a very controlled environment, and I like that, but with festival season, it could be a killer show that blow’s your mind that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, or it could be just a complete disaster so you look forward to the challenges it brings. It makes you better and you show yourself to new people. There’s all kinds of people there for different bands and it’s your chance to meet new fans…

AMBY: …and your chance to stand out.

Lights: Your chance to stand out, that’s right.

AMBY: If you curate your own festival, where would you hold it and who would be the headliners?

Lights: Oh it’d for sure be a beach festival somewhere, I just love the beach…and who would headline, well if I couldn’t headline…it would be fun to play my own show. If I had to pick someone to headline that I really loved it would probably be Contrust, like a down-tempo electronic festival where people would just listen to music and vibe and sit on the beach and have white zinfandel.

AMBY: So, what influenced your recent move from Toronto?

Lights: Need for more space, need for closer proximity to family, need for fresh air, there’s water, it’s just a little bit more room- it just makes sense. I moved to Toronto more than 8 years ago on my own because I needed to be there because it’s where most of the music is in Canada. But, at this point, with a few records under my belt, I think it’s okay to go back and have a little bit of space and still work from there. At a certain point the space doesn’t inhibit, so it’s kind of nice.

AMBY: Lastly, what is something about Lights that most people don’t know yet?

Lights: People know a lot about me, I’m very open on the internet. I still get nervous. I definitely still get nervous before shows and it makes me excited and it makes me want to get better all the time. There’s never a time when I’ve done it all.

AMBY: Thanks for taking the time! Check out this hot momma at Thank you so much.

Lights: Thank you!


Thank you Lights, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Shannon Bryan | @xoradioxo

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