You’ve GOT to Hear This: Milky Chance – “Stolen Dance”

Milky Chance
Photo by of Steve Stills/Red Bull

I love countless types of music, so it’s always nice to find a song that manages to cross boundaries and blend genres.  When I first heard of Milky Chance, I was instantly hooked to their layered sound.  A band that seamlessly blends rock, folk, electronic, and jazz, their sound is unique, distinguished and extremely catchy.

Their chart topping track “Stolen Chance” is a great example of a song that is bound to be stuck in your head for days.  Starting simple, the music builds with accented vocals, growing in complexity and weight. The melody becomes increasingly loud, layered and truly very catchy. The song ends up forcing you into what I have dubbed as a “lazy sway”; before you know it you’re dancing, even if you hadn’t realized it yet.

Looking for a funky track to suit all moods? Whether you want to get up and dance, groove in your car or sway in your seat, you’ve got to hear this!

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Review by Nadia Kaakati |

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