Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons
With a successful year and a busy summer of festivals, A Music Blog, Yea? was excited to catch up with Kingston boys The Glorious Sons at this year’s Scene Music Festival!

AMBY: Hey I’m standing here with The Glorious Sons, welcome to SCENEfest guys!

The Glorious Sons: How are ya? Thanks for having us.

AMBY: It seems like summer has just begun, and you’ve already started in with festival season. What’s your favourite part of playing summer shows?

The Glorious Sons: Oh God, the sun and the parties after have been pretty legendary. Just playing with some of the bands we’ve gotten to play with is always great, the crowds are bigger, the bands are better, it’s just awesome all around.

AMBY: While here at SCENE do you have any sets you’d like to check out, or that you’d recommend for our readers?

The Glorious Sons: We’ve played with Monster Truck the last two festivals we’ve played, they’re awesome to check out. I’d love to see The Sheepdogs, but we have to jet to Lachie Fest right after our set. Unfortunately we can’t see the other bands, but we definitely recommend those guys. The Kerouacs play right before us and they’re a great band.

AMBY: If you guys could curate your own festival, where would you hold it and who would headline?

The Glorious Sons: There’s been some decent ones in Gananoque, near Kingston, at the Thousand Islands, but it’d be great to have one out there. Maybe on one of the islands. You can’t really have a better festival than we had last weekend in Burlington, it was right on the water and there was boats parked all along the water watching the set, and it’s Canada’s biggest free festival which is awesome. It was just incredible. Who would I have to headline? Kings of Leon. For sure.

AMBY: What summer activities do you get up to while not up on stage?

The Glorious Sons: I play a lot of video games and I recently beat Grand Theft Auto.

AMBY: Do video games really count as summer activities?

The Glorious Sons: Oh, no, not really. I play mixed-league softball and I walk, a lot. We usually play ball hockey, but we’ve been so busy this summer. Oh and I just bought a dog yesterday, a Golden Retriever, so that’s going to be my new hobby.

AMBY: What was your first live show and did it influence your music, your style of music, the way you play?

The Glorious Sons: [Andrew] The first real, big show I saw, I was 16 and I went to see Aerosmith with my family and that was pretty insane. I was always a fan of Aerosmith, but as I grew up I kind of grew out of it and now my influences are more like Kings of Leon and modern rock, with a hint of older stuff too. So I don’t know that it influenced me all that much, but it was a great show.

[Adam] And my first show, I think I was in grade 9 or 10, my mom gave up her ticket so I could go see The Eagles with my dad.

AMBY: What great first concerts! Most people have embarrassing shows as their firsts and you guys pull out the Eagles and Aerosmith like it’s no big deal.

The Glorious Sons: [Adam] Yea, it was cool as a first show. My dad had me sneak in mini bottles of vodka in my socks. I got to have my first drink. As far as influencing, they’re a great influence, but the show itself didn’t really inspire me that much. It was a great show, but I haven’t really looked back and thought I’m going to try and play like The Eagles.

AMBY: What is next for The Glorious Sons?

The Glorious Sons: Well, we’ve got a new album coming out in early September, we’ve got a couple of tours coming up. We’ve announced the Airbourne Tour, which we’re doing right across the country, more festivals, there’s a new single coming out in August- we’ve got lots going on. It’s going to be a big year ahead.

AMBY: To end our chat, what’s one thing people don’t know about The Glorious Sons?

The Glorious Sons: We all sleep together, strictly plutonic. We have slumber parties every night on the road. We have an RV and we all just cram in that and just have a fun time on that. Nothing like getting 5 guys in an RV, for 3 weeks with no shower, it smells to high-hell. You were on it, right? That was the first show we played in it though, so it hadn’t gotten a nice stink in it yet.

AMBY: Oh man, we’ll have to come back and waft it all in.

The Glorious Sons: Week 5 or 6 is something evil.

AMBY: Wow, well that’s adorable guys. Find The Glorious Sons all summer long, check out the tour info online at Thanks a lot!

The Glorious Sons: Cheers, thank you very much.


Thank you The Glorious Sons, for giving us your answers!

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