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The Flavr Blue
HAYLO A MUSIC BLOG, YEA? READERS! We are Parker, Lace, and Hollis from a currently overcast Seattle, Washington, excited to connect with you all.

For those who know nothing about us, a 15 second back story:

We all used to rap in different groups in the percolating Seattle hip-hop music scene, which is how we all became friends. In the Summer of 2012, we all wanted to do something different, and Parker and Lace started producing more synth-based, house-tinged dance tracks. Hollis kind of fell in, and The Flavr Blue formed like an unlikely Voltron. We released our full-length album PISCES in 2013, and then released BRIGHT VICES this past October – an EP we’re really proud of that contains elements of all sorts of genres, and you can download for free here! We produce, write, sing, mix and obvi perform all of our music ourselves. It’s a great challenge and really, really fun.

We’ve had a lot of support and love from our city – even though we kind of came out of left field – and have gotten the chance to perform at all of the major festivals here, like Sasquatch, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Bumbershoot. We’re expanding out of our city now, with shows last month in LA and in July in NYC. More than anything we are really excited to connect with new people and new places and dance with everyone involved !!

OK, that was a little longer than 15 seconds.

We are now going to tell you something about each of us that isn’t commonly known, and that, in fact, we have never told each other.

LACE: I had college scholarships when I was in the 8th grade for baseball.

[Parker and Hollis: uh, WOW. didn’t know that.] [NB: Lace got a record deal with his hip-hop group out of high school and never went to college.]

HOLLIS: My mom made me play basketball in high school instead of being in the winter play because she was absolutely convinced that it would make me taller. It didn’t. And I sucked.

[Parker and Lace: ….]

PARKER: When I was in 3rd grade, I got in trouble for stealing everybody’s homework, bringing it home, and doing it all.

[Lace and Hollis: NERRRDDDD.]

Please holler and connect with us on our Twitter/IG/FB. And hey, if you Tweet us something weird about yourself as a kid that nobody really knows, we’ll probably Retweet you ;)

Much love and stay in touch!

The Flavr Blue


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