Getting Cozy With: Invisible Familiars

Invisible Familiars
attn, AMBY-fans and amateur somnambulants:

hello. thanks for your “attn.”

we are so very pleased to meet ya. we Invisible Familiars have been named for the unseen benevolent creatures that may serve to guide us all along in our path. and in so doing we must BE [italicized] them, right? right. so what can we offer you, apart from understanding and some time away from your woes?

hmmm well we’re all out of bread so the sandwiches will have to wait.

meanwhile if you’re the type of person who enjoys comparisons then for u i will share that we have been thoughtfully described, in a somewhat northwestern accent, as “like Nirvana, but… like… Bill Withers”. and if you’re the type of person that thinks that John Cazale might be the most unsung American cinematic hero of the 1970s then we would agree.

we have to sign off for now because, in training for the “future age”, we are trying to impose character limits on everything we do. and that’s hard because we are such characters. but we look forward to getting to know u better and we hope that by not talking too much about our sound it just makes you that much more curious to listen. deeply. maybe in headphones if ya got some. and though we cant recommend recreational use of illegal drugs we will say that we have been to a Tom Jones concert or two in our time, if ya know what i mean dear sonny boy williamsonny boy.

meanwhile: take care of your health and wear many a dress (or whatever that Dylan lyric sez…),

yours truly (no fooly),

I. Familiars


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