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Broken Witt Rebels
In the beginning of June this year my friends gave me a unique chance of being in a music video and taking part in the video shoot for Broken Witt Rebels’ brand new video for the lead single “Shake Me Down” off their upcoming EP “Howlin’ “ (released 26th July) was a brilliant and very exciting experience.

I only got some proper info the day before the video shoot, at first there was this seemingly weird idea of Bingo and surreal dreams coming together but very soon ideas had evolved into a real plan and I understood what all the fuss was about.

Together with the plan for the shoot, it was then time to organise a few props. Luke, Broken Witt Rebels’ bass guitar player and I went shopping and the next day we almost spent completely at James’ place, the flat of the band’s lead guitar player, having fun while preparing the props. You wouldn’t believe how long it can take to paint an old jacket full with glitter and letting it dry between the several layers, despite even using two hair dryers to get it done quicker, because at the end of the day we would be filming the video. Luckily, the jacket was dry in the end and as you can see in the video, the result looks really good, the hard work paid off.

In the early evening that Friday we all arrived at the place where we were going to shoot the video. We arrived at the Residents Social Club in Castle Vale. And what do you do in such a place? Yes, meet with friends, drink a lot and play bingo, so that’s basically what we did and it must have been a funny thing to watch, on the one hand the rather elderly and very nice Residents of Castle Vale playing their usual bingo night and on the other hand a bunch of rebels, including the band, a few core fans and family members and the video director Stiv Bagnall. However, everyone did an amazing job and made sure it was a night no one will ever forget.

The first few shots were done with only the normal bingo playing audience, followed by a part in which everyone who liked could take part, no matter if the person was with the band or a bingo player. Jonathan Core, the main actor and brother of the band’s lead singer Danny Core came onto the stage in his shiny and extremely glittery jacket and everyone cheered and wanted to get as close to him as possible, because he was Mr Bingo, the Bingo god with his golden glitter jacket, his sunglasses and a big grin on his face.

After the residents had left and the bingo games were over, came the scenes, where all the band members and the core fans can be seen sitting on the desks, playing bingo themselves. Jonathan, no resembling a bingo addict and maniac who can only accept victories for him, gets angry and disappointed, when Luke, one of the other players, wins. Fortunately for the bingo maniac, he gets pushed and prepared for his revenge and the next round of bingo by the coach, brilliantly performed by super Rebel fan Fozzy Foskett and to be honest this has to be one of my very favourite moments of the video shoot and the video itself.

Perfectly prepared, Jon now wins and is very happy, but suddenly it gets clear that it all was only a dream…

As an extra highlight in the video Jon also impresses with his extremely cool and hilarious dancing moves which will definitely make you laugh and a massive “thank you” from me in the name of the band goes to him for doing everything the band and director wanted.

The next huge “Thank you” goes to Stiv Bagnall, the director and editor/cutter of the video shoot, who came up with many of the ideas and did an extraordinary good job, both during the filming and the editing of the video. He even managed to send us the first edit of the video after 11 hours which was amazing, no one urged him to be so quick but he was and the first edit was almost perfect already.

Another very big “thank you” goes to Fozzy Foskett, who slipped into many different roles and characters, as well as to all the other fans and bingo players who were at the Club that evening and took part in the video. Not to forget, a huge “thanks” also goes to the Residents Social Club in Castle Vale, its owners and organisers of the bingo night.

The video shoot has been one of the best experiences in my life I have made so far. I am so glad I got the unique chance to take part in it and help with it and it’s something I will be grateful for forever and will never forget. Not everyone can say he or she has been part of a very professionally shot music video by a brilliant band, which Broken Witt Rebels is and I’m looking forward to the next chances and experiences Danny, Luke, James and Ant will give me in the future. Thanks for that guys and please continue to be as awesome as you are. :)

Broken Witt Rebels’ new EP “Howlin’ “ will be released on the 26th of July. The EP launch gig will be on the same day at the Wagon & Horses in Digbeth, Birmingham. Broken Witt Rebels will be supported by Soldier, The Stacks and Sugar Razors, tickets for the concert are available via the bands performing.

If you are interested in shooting a (music) video and are based anywhere in England you can contact Stiv Bagnall here:

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