Concert Review: July Talk Conversation Beer Launch Party @ Mill Street Brewery

Mill Street Brewery has collaborated with July Talk to brew a beer that was designed to spark conversation in the indigo hours of a long summer’s night. The launch party appropriately took place in the exposed-brick open-concept gardens of the Distillery District on a flawless Monday evening in July.

Mill Street Beer Hall was the exclusive party that everyone wanted to sneak into for weeks. Conversation was brewing because of the stage presence and authentic name Leah Fay and Peter Dremanis have created– they sure are a classy bunch – Leah wore a beautiful white summer’s dress while Dremanis was a cool cat as always, complimenting Leah in a simple white dress shirt. “Conversation” California Commons beer by Mill Street is a golden lager with a fruity aroma of citrus with a hint of woodiness. It tastes sweet with a hint of mint, and finishes dry with only a slight bitterness – a perfect end to any rocking music festival, a hike in the beaches or even a day of manual labour. The brew is named after the long July conversations that occurred at the band’s inception a few years ago.

The hanging trellises of the distillery were a perfect haven for July Talk’s set – the beauty was full circle when they sang Summer Dress and Gentleman – and while they wouldn’t think of pulling their club-show stunts like at the Horseshoe or Lee’s Palace, the evening was complimented when Leah poured the beer over her head – and fed Peter a pint through her nude heeled shoe. I’m proud of them for making Toronto feel so loved by them – they are constantly performing at this level of authenticity that an outsider might feel is put-on. The band compliments each other so well that there seems to be no stoppage of their creative flow. I thoroughly enjoyed my night and stuck around after their set for the after-party – the glow of the evening looming blue, indigo, velvet as we all seemed to forget that most of us had to work in the early morning. Toronto is just too romantic a setting to despise Mondays – especially ones that end like this.

Review by Stefanie Romano ()

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