You’ve GOT To Hear This: Soph Nathan – “Our Girl”

Soph Nathan
Brighton seems to be an unfeasibly dense melting pot of musical talent right now, with a thriving scene of embarrassingly young musicians making incredible, intelligent music and seamlessly hopping between multiple projects with nary a single dip in quality. It makes me sick.

‘Our Girl’, the debut from Brighton’s own Soph Nathan, is a thing of unquestionable noise and beauty that perfectly illustrates this point. It drifts into the periphery with a throb of guitars to pique your interest, and then with a thunderous crash of drums the whole spine-tingling world of the song explodes into view, like emerging from a tunnel into blinding light.

Soph’s stately voice is the highlight amongst highlights here, placed relatively low in the mix and treated with just the right amount of reverb so you almost have to crane your neck to make out the finer details; it reaches out to you through the fuzzy cacophony around it like someone trapped down a well.

And then, after three minutes of dreamy bliss we are treated to a whispery, shimmering outro that -being so inclined – you could probably fade back into the intro again, looping the song endlessly for hours on end. Not that I did that or anything, I’m just saying you could…

You can listen to ‘Our Girl’ below via SoundCloud where it is also available to download for free.

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Review by Tom Klar | @tom_klar

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