You’ve GOT to Hear This: Ivory Hours – “Mary”

Ivory HoursI recently just found out about Ivory Hours – a very catchy and colorful alt-pop band from London, Ontario. The band just released their 3rd EP and it is evident that they’ve been playing together for awhile. Siblings on lead vocals, Luke and Annie Roes have a dynamic and beautiful harmonic flow – the times they sing together are complementary to when they sing solo – theres a flawless flow where one ends and the other begins. As soon as I saw the music video for their title track, Mary, I felt a contagious connection to it – something about it wanted me to snap my fingers – and learn the choreo that so many dancers of colors and sizes were grooving to; it was easy to get into it. The song is about Mary – a girl whom everyone undoubtedly loves but needs to be cheered up. The video definitely achieved that potential.

I had a special sneak-peak to the full EP before it dropped on June 3rd, and the other tracks are thoroughly satisfying. Since my first listen, I have had it on repeat in my car, in my kitchen and even my backyard patio jams. Its smooth danceable listening for the hazy days of summer. I particularly like the chorus in the song Young Blood , its a strong comment on the culture of today “Oh, whats happenin’ to me; I have it all but I’m not happy”. I love how the rhythm and groove somehow disguises Luke’s moody lyrics exporing love, loss and depression. The band is on tour right now playing key slots at Lachie Music Festival and Wild Mountain Music Festival. They’ve partied in Toronto playing Lee’s Palace, The Rivoli and The Horseshoe Tavern where they’ll return on July 25th with The Honeyrunners.

To listen to Mary and download their EP, visit here.

Review by Stefanie Romano | @stefaloves

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