Concert Review: Deap Vally @ Tramlines Festival 2014

For someone so small of stature – believe me they are because I’ve stood next to them – Deap Vally were, for me and 1200 others packed into a sweaty Leadmill in Sheffield, the undoubted stars of the Tramlines Festival:

Since the release of their first single “Gonna Make My Own Money” almost a year ago now, admiration for the female rock duo of Lindsay Troy and Julie Edwards has steadily accelerated and with the release of the splendid Sistronix LP mushroomed – and with very good reason! “Badass” appears in every review of them: Whilst this is certainly true the girls from California, and I know this is hard to believe, actually met in a knitting class. Now how you jump from that to being the biggest ball of energy a duo could possibly be on stage is a bit of a grey area.

Supporting the likes of Muse, The Vaccines and Mumford and Sons certainly helped. The sold out tour of the UK that followed early 2014 established a fanatical following. All big hair, very short shorts and bare legs made them attractive to the red blooded male: The couldn’t care less attitude to just about everybody else.

They’ve been compared to The White Stripes – not unsurprisingly seeing that guitar and drums are the only instruments present. But their roar on tracks like Lies and End Of The World is louder than the Stripes ever were. Which brings us to their final date in the UK until festival season next year. They owned, not just the Lead mill but the whole of the festival, as they did the Truck Festival the weekend before. Their rawness stupefying the crowd into submissions of undying fandom that means when they do come back they’ll probably be playing larger venues and main stages. That might be a mistake though: What they have is a connection with the crowd: They clearly thrive on their energy as much as their own and maybe this would be lost if that happened. However, for now Deap Vally have proved that despite the comparisons they have almost perfected their own sound to go with their stage presence which is absolutely huge: we can’t wait to hear and see more. These girls are astonishing and have clearly knitted something special.

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