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The Ends
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When it comes to live music I’m a big believer in support the supports so I was pretty gutted not to be able to get down in time to catch The Ends open for The Enemy at The Institute, Birmingham. However I was lucky enough to bump in to drummer Joe during the gig and the rest of the band after the show. Not only did I get to check their tunes out on the way home thanks to a demo cd the lads were handing out I got a second chance at catching them live when they were added to The Enemy’s Manchester date a few days later. Thanks to an energetic, raucous and pretty damn impressive performance at Manchester Academy 2 The Ends join the long list of fantastic new bands I’ve discovered from watching The Enemy over the years. I caught up the with band to see what they’ve been up to since.

AMBY: Hey The Ends, please introduce yourselves.

The Ends: We’re The Ends, from Canvey Island in Essex. We’ve got Mike Darrah on lead vocals and guitar, James Clarke on guitar and backing vocals, Liam Davies on bass and Joe Blamey on the tubs.We’ve just had a brand new video come out for out latest single ‘Black Hole Girl’ – which you can see below our answers!

AMBY: In three words how would you describe your sound?

The Ends: Thames Estuary rock.

AMBY: You recently joined The Enemy on tour how was it?

The Ends: It was a great experience, it was the first time we had ever done anything on that scale – big venues, travelling all day, hotel hopping – so it was an eye opening experience. The crowds were so great, and we were really proud to bring our tunes out from Canvey Island and showcase them in front of thousands of people. Playing Koko was a big deal for us. We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity… but now we’ve got the bug for it!

AMBY: What’s next on the agenda?

The Ends: Write, record, play, repeat. It’s pretty hard to top the euphoria of those big gigs, as it was a pretty significant moment for us. It taught us a lot about functioning as a touring band, how people react to your songs, and what crowds outside of Essex are like. Our social media exploded with people wanting to hear more so we’ll be releasing our brand new single ‘Black Hole Girl’ on August 1st! Catch it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. Later this year we’re going to go away and record an EP, which will come out next summer. We’re currently writing it, it’s shaping up to be killer. Once we’re on our way with that we’ll be gigging it to death in nearly every venue we can find – some may call it a…‘tour’ (watch this space)

AMBY: Who influences you as musicians? 

The Ends: We all have a bit of a strange taste in music. Songs played in the car to gigs and practice can range from Arctic Monkeys to Buddy Holly, Sea Sick Steve to Harper or Red Hot Chilli Peppers and FIDLAR. Obviously coming from Canvey Island you can’t shy away from that Dr. Feelgood/Thames Delta sound. We take influence from their energy and aggression on stage. We’re also fans of Jack White, particularly his ethic. We record everything completely DIY. We record in bedrooms and practice rooms, we film the music videos on cameras we beg, borrow and steal and rock up to venues in crappy Peugeot 106s – the limitations are there and you have to work within them. If you have limitations then you can reach a point where you can say ‘this is the best that we can do.’ No limitations, unlimited budget and state of the art equipment makes it difficult to say that and be content with it.

AMBY: So who actually writes the hits and who writes the b-sides?

The Ends: Good question! Mike has been on a roll lately. He is writing some great songs and we’re all on the same page. We do love a good b-side though. All our singles have b-sides which are usually older songs rerecorded and bought up to speed. It’s nice to revisit the oldies sometimes.

AMBY: We’re big supporters of upcoming bands at AMBY. Who should we be listening to?

The Ends: If you like upcoming bands get down to Essex. The Scarletts are supporting us at our single launch gig at Chinnery’s in Southend on August 8th. They’re a great young band with some great songs.Southend has a great music scene; you’ll struggle to find a naff band in any venue you visit (especially if you visit The Railway Hote). You’ve got Eight Rounds Rapid, The Lucky Strikes, and The Victories – just a few. We love Son Of Buff, who are a gritty, bluesy two-piece. Also check out Youth Club who are fantastic guys and are doing really well.

AMBY: What’s been your favourite release so far this year?

The Ends: Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. Royal Blood.

AMBY: Festival season is in full swing, have you guys been/headed to any this year?

The Ends: Last year, we went to loads of gigs, absolutely loads. For some reason, we haven’t been so over the top this year. James saw Reel Big Fish last week, and we’ve all attended our great local festivals like Village Green and the Leigh Folk Festival.

AMBY: And lastly tell us something about you no one else knows?

The Ends: We all look fantastic in heels.


Thanks to The Ends, for giving us their answers! Black Hole Girl is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. Also, be sure to catch The Ends at their next show at Chinnerys on August 8th.

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