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Chinese Missy
Hello readers! We are Chinese Missy, a rock and roll band you just cannot help dancing to. Our infectious beats, scorching guitar riffs and growling vocals combine to make even the most stay at home party pooper pull on those dancing shoes and hit the floor. Influences go all the way back to the sixties and seventies, to the golden age of rock and roll but take on musical nods and winks from just about every decade between now and then.

We try to write songs about things that are important to us and they believe should be to everyone. Without getting too preachy Chinese Missy believe Rock and Roll is a great platform for getting a message across. As bass player Tommy L’Heart said in a recent interview “ we don’t write songs about getting laid, after all who is interested in who we shagged last week, its about something bigger than that”. Apparently his girlfriend has a dissenting view but he does have a point. Where are the songs objecting to the social and political ills of the day? Subject matter for The Missy ranges from conflict in Africa, political shenanigans at Westminster and the caring nature of American society (cough) through to the usual stuff of never ending Summers, girls and just having a good time being young. Singer Bello Ingram adds “ Yeah its got to have purpose but above all its also got to be fun, most of all its about the music and then if some time later a bit of lyric keeps popping into your head and you think yeah that’s right then we see that as a plus”.

We have been around for nearly two years, Bello, Rich and Tommy L’Heart met through playing in different bands and after several different drummers Tom Moore arrived on the overnight train from Scotland just before the borders closed. The band’s homeland has been very much in London but horizons are now expanding and the band play their first shows in Scotland at the end of June. Before that there is the excitement of playing for Red Bull at Download, allegedly Europe’s biggest rock festival and the release of the debut single Kickin’ Around produced by Mike Spink who had hits last year with Jake Bugg and The 1975. As far as The Missy are concerned its all about hanging in there, getting the music out to as many people as possible and hoping that you enjoy it as much as we do!


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