Hobo Chic: Osheaga Edition, Music Fest “Fashion”, Tips, + Tricks

Since we all know that music festivals aren’t REALLY for the music anymore, and serve only as an excuse to “look amazing” and get dressed up in your best “bohemian couture” just in case you get spotted.. spotted by who you ask? Well, a drunken teenager of course, since they make up for 80% of the attendees to these things.

When these “fashionistas” (that’s not a real word P.S., Microsoft Word told me so) are at a music festival, they generally pretend that they don’t sweat in 90 degree heat, and that their expensive overdone makeup covered by sunglasses magically stays on all day, in actuality, they’re sneaking off to the port-a-potty during a great band to reapply – “I missed Arcade Fire, but my (insert expensive brand name here) lipstick stayed on all day!”

Witnessing this over the weekend at Osheaga, I decided I MUST hop on this train, and share with you my fashion choices, and tips/tricks for the three day music festival.


Day 1 Outfit:

Bottoms: Black, already unwashed jeans, because I figure they’ll just get dirtier.

Top: A 10$ tank top that I won’t care if I ruin, probably from H&M (hey wait, they were sponsors! H&M, if you want to give me some free swag for the shout-out, like, basic tanks for next year, totally on-board), and a denim shirt, in case it got cold.

Shoes: Ratty, already falling apart sandals. This, I regret. At the end of the three days, since my feet had no actual support, they were so swollen I had to ice them for two whole days. My recommendation – running shoes.

Makeup: Sunscreen, a bottle of 30SPF (oil free) for the money-maker, and a bottle of baby sunscreen at 60 SPF, because skincare companies create PIMP SPF for babies, and pure crap for us adults, because we’re not the future. A red lip-stain, so it looks like I’m trying. It also included an SPF, and it has to be scrubbed off with lye at the end of the day. Convenient as you’ll never have to reapply, nor miss a band doing so!

Accessories: 10$ sunglasses, that I also don’t care if I ruin (that’s actually untrue, they’re my most prized accessory); a backpack, that will hold snacks, a water bottle, an umbrella, and all of the things you need to survive 13 hours outdoors. Hair-tie on my wrist in case it gets too hot to leave it down, I wouldn’t want to be the drunk girl getting her sweaty long hair all over other folks, which is unfortunately something that happens all too often – you’re dancing and all of a sudden BAM stranger’s hair in your mouth. It tastes terrible.

Day 2 Outfit:

Jean shorts; tank top; hoodie in case it rained (it was calling for it); same backpack, same 10$ sunglasses; same sandals.

Day 3 Outfit:

See above, add – new, cleaner tank top.

Not pictured: Any of the above outfits, I didn’t have time for professional “outfit shots”, since I was running around watching all the amazing bands I was stoked to see. But, I have included a picture of my, oh-so convenient (and fashionable) backpack! Enjoy.

In conclusion – if you’re at an all-day outdoor music festival, there’s nothing wrong with putting effort into your appearance, but, if you want to go to a fashion show, there’s several of those a year, around the world. Music festivals, Osheaga for instance, see tens to hundreds of thousands of attendees and everyone looks the same, whether they wear a $300.00 floral printed dress, with a floral crown, or a $20.00 dress with a floral crown. It may rain, it gets dirty being out there for 12 hours a day, so be practical, be safe, be hydrated, be comfortable, and enjoy the music.

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