Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Maine

The Maine
In my high school years, I’d spend my lunches flipping through AP Magazine with tunes from the pages filling my ears. The Maine were on frequent rotation during those years and will always hold a place in my memories of adolescence. At this year’s Warped Tour stop in Toronto, I got to relive my awkward teens with the music that made it all bearable. Following The Maine’s much-anticipated set, A Music Blog, Yea? stole away bassist Garrett Nickelsen for a brief chat.

AMBY: Hey Garrett! How’s Warped treating you so far?

Garrett: No complaints. It’s always fun and the catering is awesome.

AMBY: Have there been any standout, notable moments?

Garrett: It’s always kind of one big ‘holy shit’ moment. There’s always something new, like even playing Warped Tour the first time, I used to go when I was young, so it was just one of those things. There’s always those moments. There’s not just one major “Oh FUCK” moment.

AMBY: If you could curate your own festival, where would you hold it and who’d headline?

Garrett: Phoenix, downtown Phoenix because that’s where I live and the lineup would be us, and then The Replacements would play, Wilco would play, Tom Petty would play, The Rolling Stones would play, David Bowie would play, Lou Reed would come back and he’d play with The Velvet Underground, and War on Drugs, I’m really into their new record. Bryan Adams would play, The Raconteurs would play, so many bands would play, just so I could listen to them. I’d be the only person who would be allowed to watch.

AMBY: They’d all open for you right?

Garrett: No, we’d play and then get drunk. Way better.

AMBY: Smart. You thought that through.

Garrett: It’ll be real sloppy at the end.

AMBY: You guys are touring out your recent deluxe release of Forever Halloween. What makes this edition so special?

Garrett: It’s always fun putting out more material. It got us back into the studio to record the songs we really wanted to include. There’s 5 brand new tracks and we’re really happy with the way things turned out. It was also a nice piece to bring out with us on Warped- you can only buy the physical album on these stops.

AMBY: What’s next for The Maine?

Garrett: Well, we’re finishing Warped Tour, then we go to the UK at the end of September, then doing a couple of shows to finish the cycle, do like 6 shows based around the record. Then, uh, we’ll break up! End on a high note.

AMBY: Lastly, tell me something most people don’t know about you guys.

Garrett: We’re really weird. People probably think that. Fuck, I don’t know. Kenny make weird noises when he sleeps and it’s super annoying.

AMBY: Check the boys out here,, thanks a lot for chatting!

Garrett: Hey, thank you!


Thank you The Maine, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Shannon Bryan | @xoradioxo

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