Myths of the Near Future

In the words of the Klaxons, ‘it’s not over, not over, not over, not over yet’ – I mean, who said ‘New Rave’ was dead…?

Not the Festival Guru, that’s for sure. He knows this amazing summer of music making is still very much in full swing! But I’m forgetting my manners, introductions are in order. Without further ado I give you the headliner Guru:

This silver bearded music maniac has had a cracking time this summer. And he wants you too as well. You see, Dolly’s had her day at Glasto. Biffy Clyro have got topless (again) at the Isle of Wight festival and the Arcade Fire have well and truly packed their bags after their final show at Hyde Park fizzled out due to all those city boys arriving with their £5 tickets and ignoring the entire set as if it were a string quartet playing Pachelbel’s cannon at Granny’s 70th.

It’s time to wave the summer goodbye right?


Bestival, Camp Bestival (no, not the same thing), Reading, Leeds, Sundown… in short, a whole menagerie of musical mayhem is still around the corner. In fact, with the continued uplift in early Autumn festival going, some are practically miles past the aforementioned corner. 

Which is why we’d encourage you to give the guru a visit. You see, he’s got this little quiz for you all to try. Entitled ‘Which Festival Goer Are You?’, it’s been made for all those of you who thought it was all over.

Comparing literally dozens of festivals up and down the country, it’s like your very own comparethemarket only muddier, with more beer (optional) and way less meerkats. By getting down to the very bottom of your obsession with mosh-pits, hot cider and onesies, the test will match you up with the ideal festival for you: equally as perfect for those who are looking to pitch up somewhere as to those trying to make a record of catching Elbow at every festival since records began (seriously, how can one band be in so many places at once?).

Featuring everything from the big names to smaller festivals like Kendall Calling and the new metropolitan monoliths like SW4, On Blackheath and the appropriately named ‘Good Times in the Park’, the Guru is sure to pick out a firecracker of a festival, just for you.

Check him out today at:

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