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Gigantic Leaves
Hi there Canada, how’s it going?

Our names are Gavin, John, and Tom and together we are Gigantic Leaves from Edinburgh, Scotland.  We’re an indie rock band that’s a wee bit lo-fi(ish) and scruffy sounding.  Gav likes Guided by Voices, The Byrds, and Sebadoh, John really likes Shellac and Slint, and Tom loves My Bloody Valentine and lots of post-rock.  There’s lots of other influences too obviously but that’s some of the main ones.  I’m not sure what the songs are about. The school of hard knocks I guess!

There’s only three of us so we try to be the best three piece band on the planet.  It’s good fun trying to fill the spaces left from only having one guitar.  John’s sort of like the quintessential three-piece band bass player when it comes to that.  In rehearsals Tom can get so loud that he can almost make people levitate – almost!  And Gav does the quiet to loud thing on guitar sometimes but not in a massive way.

Not long ago we recorded our debut EP and folks seem to like it which is nice.  We did it ourselves and we’re looking to do another one in a few months.

As well as that It’d be great to come to Canada to play for you guys one day.  Well that’s us then I guess,

Nice chatting to you all.


Gav, John and Tom


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