You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Gentlemen Thieves – “Uncertainties”

The Gentlemen Thieves
The Gentlemen Thieves released their EP ­Crafting Lies three years ago, a predictor of all of the catchy riffs and lyrics in their recently released debut album, Uncertainties.

Uncertainties opens with “Don’t Worry” and gives listeners a good idea of the band’s punk-pop style. As the album progresses—with “Your Beauty is Not Forgotten” and “Fading Echo”—it’s reminiscent of Sum 41’s first album, but at the same time, the album as a whole surges with originality. “Caught Your Eye,” for instance, tests the screamo waters, nicely transitioning back to its pop-punk roots. “Comatose Party” wades in further, adding some genre variation to the album and a contrast to the quieter opening of “Please Tell Me Off.”

There’s also a noticeable sophistication in The Gentlemen Thieves’ music, both in terms of the lyrics and in the layering of vocal tracks, and in comparison to their earlier releases. Though I’ve never seen The Gentlemen Thieves live, the lyrics that are echoed by the backing vocals, alongside the memorable lines of tracks like “Kathleen,” make for music that translates well on the stage and encourages audience sing-a-longs.

Also impressive is the emotional turn the album takes with “Capsized,” the album’s closing track. It’s a particularly lovely song that offers a narrative close to the relationship theme strung throughout the album while showcasing the band’s diverse talents.

You can listen to the album here and follow updates from the band below.

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Review by Leah Edwards | @leahhedwards

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