You’ve GOT To Hear This: Square Peg Round Hole – “Bats”

Square Peg Round Hole
Photo by Scott Scheetz Photography

One of the many wonders of music is the story it tells, and it doesn’t always require lyrics/singing. A good example of this is ‘Bats’ by Square Peg Round Hole. The band consists of percussionists Evan Chapman, Sean M. Gill, and Carlos Pacheco-Perez from Philadelphia with a contemporary classical/indie rock/electronic style. If there’s one time to trust a stranger (me), now’s the time and go take a listen to them.

With this song being more than 5 minutes long, it takes you on a journey on however you wish to perceive it. There isn’t much you need to do, just sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy. It’s also great music to listen to while working/studying. So if you have your first week of school coming up and are the type of person that needs to listen to music while focusing on work, this is perfect for you.

‘Bats’ isn’t their only song though; you can check out their whole album ‘Corners’ here. I bought the album and I definitely got my moneys worth. And it’s rare to find a good band like them and you can never give them too much support.

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Review by Tiffany Lee | @t4nee

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