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Sam Weber
Hey “A Music Blog, Yea?” readership,

My name is Sam Weber from North Saanich on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Right now I am staring deep into the blue, reaffirming eyes of Marshall Wildman (my drummer). Two very generous portions of Belgian Waffles with whipped cream and blueberry sauce sit on the table between us.

As any Vancouver Islander may already speculate, we are currently holding court in the Pacific Buffet on BC ferries. Right now, Wildchild, Rob (bass), Parsa (our roadie), and I are on our way to Revelstoke to play the first show of a three-week tour to Winnipeg and back.

We tour a lot and are all very excited to be back on the road.

I make songs and these guys play them with me and we try and vibe out as hard as possible. I consider myself a good judge of character. For example, I’m always a good judge of how much ‘noodley’ guitar is necessary to entice different types of people at shows. I can play a lot of fancy guitar and some people really like that, but I prefer to write and play songs that are emotionally resonant and have meaning for people.

I think it is part of the human condition to seek to give our lives meaning. What I believe in is creating music that for one performance or one song, can make an audience feel they’ve experienced something meaningful for them – even if it’s nothing more than a fleck of ink on the manuscript that is their life.

Above all, what’s most meaningful to me right now is this plate of Belgian Waffles, so if you don’t mind…

See you on the road!

Sam Weber


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