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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter LP will embark on a headline tour on the West Coast later this month, including dates in Seattle, Vancouver, and San Diego. Before the tour begins, LP graciously took the time to speak with A Music Blog, Yea? to discuss her all-time favourite concerts. The list, including five great and unique sounding shows, even includes one in our very own city — her incredible performance opening for Kodaline in Toronto. Enjoy the piece below, and check out LP’s latest record release Forever For Now here.


Hard Rock Live – Hyde Park London

This was my first time playing overseas at all so that was exciting in itself. The weather being typically English was rainy and overcast and I heard the term “wellies” for the first time. Wellies for those who don’t know are just rain boots and most everybody living there has some version of them. Especially those who frequent music festivals. As we set up on stage I couldn’t help but notice that the tent was rather large and um …empty save for a few of my English girlfriend’s friends and family all in there wellies. I set up and tensely waited to go on. Thankfully as we stepped out on stage it was surprisingly almost full and growing. As we played the first song I was a little unnerved that no one really moved or had any expression at all. I felt like I was in my own version of the movie Pink Floyd the Wall. As we finished that song still no one moved it was a good second or two before the crowd just staring at us erupted in applause …. Whew!!

Bonnaroo Festival – Tennessee

This show was very memorable for me because it was the first time I played the very first custom ukulele made for me by Martin Guitars. They had shipped it to the hotel and I was pretty stoked to try it out . I remember it being so hot that day and the crowd was incredible. The smaller tent was packed and I could really see and feel everybody getting into it. I lead a little clap along for a song call Fighting With Myself. Later when I got back to the hotel I noticed a pretty big crack in the new uke and a bunch of dents from my rings which I promptly put tape on . Still haven’t fixed it and it always reminds of that show. I think that’s the best part about putting a ding on an instrument.

1st Night of Kodaline tour – Toronto

LP opening for Kodaline in Toronto

It’s always fun the first night of a run with a band to check out the vibe of their audience etc. This night turned interesting in another way when there were rumors that a guy was going to propose to his girlfriend during Kodaline’s set on stage. The audience was already in great spirits as Kodaline regaled them with a rip-roaring jog through their set of super catchy, uplifting songs. Then the announcement that a fan was going to say something that he wanted everyone to hear….drum roll…..and then in a voice quite unexpected, high and squeaky and sweet a cute hipster boy told the love of his life that he thought she was super cool and nice and that he loved her cat and her lizard too and he would like to spend the rest of his days buying records and sipping boutique wheat beers with her. Not a dry eye in the slightly female heavy house. They sat quietly glowing on stage right drinking champagne that the gents in the band provided (such good lads) for the rest of the show.

Neil Young – Kodak Theatre

By far one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty startling to see a legendary performer in a smallish theatre playing completely bare bones. Just a man and a guitar and/or piano and a harmonica. He kept his harmonica neck thing on the whole time and sang through it as well and it sounded amazing! He wandered around stage like the genius eccentric he is just happening upon one beautiful vintage instrument after another and sending our souls on a trip. Total magic.

Southwest Airlines

By far the weirdest gig ever. We were to play on a flight from LA to Denver at 11 am in the morning. None of the passengers were told and we just set up quietly at the front of the plane and let it rip as much as u can let it rip with a uke a guitar and voice. The crowd was kind of a business and touristy fanny pack crowd but they dutifully whipped out their phones and recorded the event. The funniest part was the guy who was sick and clutching his barf bag getting led up to the front and sitting right in front of me now smiling and still clutching. I felt like if nothing else we saved someone from being hurled on at 35,000 feet ! :)


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