Concert Review: Nick Waterhouse and PEP @ The Mod Club

Nick Waterhouse
Nick Waterhouse
deserved a bigger crowd, but those who assembled at The Mod Club on a school night, had the dance of their lives.

PEP injected the perky vibes of 50s pop. The Brooklyn based 6 piece certainly dressed the part, with male members sporting bowties and suspenders and back up dancers rocking coordinated outfits. As for the sound, there were few glitches. The songs had the peppy energy (yes, I went there) and the supporting cheesy choreography. But, Karys Rhea’s muffled lead vocals and timid stage presence barred the band’s set from being spectacular. This was unfortunate, as songs like “Stephen” or “My Baby & Me” had the potential of initiating some ol’school boppin. For those looking to satisfy those urges, grab their EP.

Grab your whiskey on the rocks, because it was time to get groovy with Nick Waterhouse. Despite being tirelessly on the road, the LA-based troubadour had no ailments about it seamlessly playing through his discography including songs from Times All Gone and the follow up Holly. Waterhouse and his stellar backup band, with special mention to Paula Henderson on baritone sax, rewound time back to the 40s and 50s, as those gathered did their best boogie-woogie and swing moves in response to the tunes. Having gained notoriety from “Time’s All Gone” song placement in a Lexus ad, it was a welcome sight to notice fans mouthing words to lesser known tunes like “Holly”, “Raina” or the sax-licious “Say I Wanna Know”. The mastery of instrumentation was on its best display via a battle-off between Waterhouse’ guitar and touring keyboard player during “Don’t You Forget It”, a song by labelmates Allah-Las.

For someone in his 20s, Waterhouse sounds like he is from the 40s. Considering his music’s ability to shake hips like its 1957, Nick Waterhouse might be our closest answer to time travel.

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