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The Persian Leaps
Hello readers! We’re the Persian Leaps, a noise pop band from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Our 2nd EP, “Drive Drive Delay,” was released on September 12, 2014. We were hatched years ago when singer/guitarist Drew Forsberg doodled the phrase “The Persian Leaps” in the margins of a notebook in a college Greek Archaeology class. Drew recorded songs on a 4-track for years but never had the chance/guts to form a band until 2012. We’ve had some personnel changes since then but the current lineup is Adam Brunner (bass, vocals), Drew Forsberg (vocals, guitar), and Michael McCloskey (drums, vocals).

We recorded our first 5-song EP, “Praise Elephants,” (an anagram of the band name) in 2013 in a dining room in rural Minnesota. The EP got some really nice attention, even unexpectedly finding its way to a writer at NME, who said some nice things about our music that made us blush.

This time around, we recorded the 5 songs for “Drive Drive Delay” in a local studio called Old Blackberry Way, where the Replacements and Husker Du recorded back in the day. We’re really excited with how the EP turned out! The first single is called “Pretty Boy.” We shot a video for it at dusk in a prairie. The mosquitoes were atrocious but the light was gorgeous.

If you didn’t pick up on it already, we don’t do full-length albums. People talk about the death of the album and how listeners have no attention span anymore. Maybe that’s true, but the reality is, we all have full-time jobs, careers, families, etc. We’d rather put our energy into releasing only our absolute best material. So, each year, we release our 5 strongest songs that fit well together. Our plan is to keep releasing a 5-song EP every fall until we run out of songs.

Thanks for listening!

Adam, Drew, and Michael


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