You’ve GOT to Hear This: Alt-J – “Hunger of the Pine” + “Left Hand Free”

British indie rock trio Alt-J released their sophomore album This is All Yours on September 23, following their successful debut album An Awesome Wave. Alt-J stepped out into the music scene in 2012 as a tour de force, with their stellar debut album being met with overall positive reviews and winning a Mercury Prize.

If you’ve yet to hear the record, get a taste with their two teasers Hunger of the Pine and Left Hand Free. The growth within the band is evident, with a matured sound but keeping what made the first album so successful; the feel of hanging out with your friends in a dim living room or basement, jamming and experimenting with sound… and just the right amount of weird.

The first track, Hunger of the Pine is a hauntingly beautiful electro-orchestra highlighting their growth not only as musicians but as whole. The song is an intricate balance of layered sounds and echoed voices/sounds paired with the surprisingly delightful sample of “I’m a female rebel” from Miley Cyrus’ 4×4. Left Hand Free, the second release off their album is perhaps the least Alt-J sounding song, three minutes of goofy and carefree blues demonstrates their range as musicians and that Alt-J is doing what Alt-J do best: being Alt-J.

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