Concert Review + Photos: The Drums and Beverly @ Adelaide Hall – Toronto

The Drums
On a beautiful autumn night, The Drums brought their summery warmth to Toronto in support of their newest release Encyclopaedia. With Alicia having sat down with them earlier in the day for an exclusive interview, she told me a bit about the band’s thoughts on the new record and how it is their most adventurous release yet. With that said, I was looking forward to seeing how the band had evolved since the last time I saw them in April of 2012.

The raucous crowd were in for a treat as The Drums were going to play an extended set for everyone who filled into Adelaide Hall. The twenty-one song setlist yielded offerings from all three of The Drums’ album releases and the new material felt at home with the old favourites. The stand-out tracks off the new album (for me) were Let Me, Kiss Me Again, and U.S. National Park.

As the night went on, their magnetic frontman Jonny Pierce led the dance party with his trademark sways to-and-fro, revving the crowd up for the inevitable hit barrage which included favourites How it Ended, Let’s Go Surfing, and Saddest Summer. Down by the Water closed out the show on a high with an intimate ending to what was a triumphant set.

The Drums


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Photos by Alicia Atout (@AliciaAtout) | Review by Yaz Atout ()

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